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Asgard Mini Colour Pack - mustard

Now it is time to bring some colour to your camp!

GBP 155
Mustard - 148056

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Now it is time to bring some colour to your camp!

The Asgard Tech Mini Colour Packs contain all you need not only to set up your Asgard Tech Mini tent, but also to make it your own. Each colour pack holds all poles, pegs and guy ropes, all in the same  “Colour my Adventure” colours. Also included are cool coloured zipper pullers and two clotheslines for hanging small gear and clothes inside or outside the tent. The poles, 1 centre and 2 door poles, form an A-frame when inserted into their Turtle HubTM and are made from lightweight aluminium, as are the sturdy skewer pegs. Poles and pegs come in small individual bags, so you can carry them around separately if you like. Each of the guy ropes is equipped with a triangular slider for easy adjustment, a Mini Hook for easy attachment to the tent and a mesh pocket triangle, which doubles as guy rope holder and guy rope warning flag for more safety, when the guy ropes are pegged out.


  • A new and creative way to colour your camp
  • Each colour pack holds all accessories needed to pitch the Asgard Mini
  • Lightweight aircraft grade aluminium poles and pegs
  • Adjustable, reflective guy ropes with Mini Hook and mesh pocket triangle
  • Coloured zipper pullers and clotheslines
  • Become a colour master: buy more than one colour pack to mix and match

The story behind the name

Home of the Norse Gods

In old Norse mythology, Asgard, which means “Enclosure of the Æsir”, is one of the Nine Worlds, only accessible via the burning rainbow bridge Bifrost. Here lives both the old gods Vanir and the more martial gods led by Odin. With his wife Frigg, he lives in the castle Valhalla, located within Asgard. Outside Asgard is Utgard, home of the giants, and Midgard, home of the humans.




  • Total weight : 1800 g
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Pack size

  • Length: : 50 cm
  • Width : 15 cm
  • Height : 4 cm




Included accessories: