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Cotton storage pouch

Ventilated cotton storage pouch for keeping your stuff

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Ventilated cotton storage pouch for keeping your stuff

The cotton storage pouch is perfect for storing your sleeping bag during longer periods between adventures or us it as a makeshift wash bag or kit organiser. Often the obvious choice is to grab a plastic bag for your dirty clothes during the trip but clothes soon will start to smell as the bag cannot breathe. 


  • Very lightweight
  • Large and spacious
  • 100% Cotton
  • Natural ventilation
  • Better moisture control
  • Keeps your stuff together
  • Can be tied together
  • Breathable
  • Can be machine washed
  • Small pack size



  • Height : 67 cm
  • Length : 28 cm
  • Total Weight Excl. Pack Sack : 120 g
  • width : 30 cm



Composition: 100% cotton

Colour: White