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This is Y

Nordisk proudly re-introduces down apparel to our collection.
By merging with Yeti, the Down Specialist, it is now possible to introduce a wide range of tried and tested high quality down products to our range. You recognize our down filled products by the iconic red Y, which carries the heritage from Yeti and symbolizes the quality, sustainability and decades of adventure behind it.
Read more about the brand merge here.


A jacket is not just a jacket. Different jackets serve different purposes, which is why we carry a wide range of outerwear - with and without down filling. Including waterproof down jackets to keep you protected from rain, wind and cold at the same time. Or the option of separate jackets to layer on top of eachother, to adapt perfectly to the circumstances.


Guide: Choose the perfect jacket for your needs


  • In general, there are three things to consider when choosing a down jacket:
    1. What quality of down would cover your needs?
  1. Should the jacket just provide insulation or do you also need protection from the rain?
  2. What shape and features do you need?

And the answer always comes down to your purpose.

  • The Quality:
    Is weight important to you? If you are looking for a hiking jacket, you will be best off with a lightweight jacket, which both weighs less, breathes better and packs smaller. In that case - down is the perfect choice of filling, as it does exactly that. Typically, these jackets have less down to suit the needs of an active use. However, it is important to note that less down does not equal less warmth. A high quality down improves the fill power and provides more warmth with less down, resulting in a smaller, lighter and softer puffer jacket. Read more about the wonders of down here


  • The Shape

How long do you need the jacket to be? A regular hip length or do you need to cover a bit more? A longer shape provides more heat and protects you from any cold slipping in between your upper and lower body cover. On the downside, it will inevitably diminish your moveability, weigh a bit more and increase the pack size. Besides regular length jackets, we have mens parkas and both short and long down coats for women. 

  • Perhaps a vest will suffice? A down vest  A down vest will keep your core warm without limiting your moveabilty. It will fit perfectly under an outer shell to add some heat to a thin layer of rain protection. And of course, it will save you quite a few grams of weight and space in your backpack.
  • What features do you need? Think about the amount and placement of pockets and whether you need a hood or not. And whether that hood needs to be detachable or able to cover a biking or climbing helmet.
  • Do you need a jacket that can stand up to the rain? If you want to make sure not to get wet if caught in a storm, then you should opt for a waterproof down jacket - for women and for men. A hardshell jacket will keep you dry and the down will keep you warm. These are true element fighters and our favorite all-in-one winter jackets.
  • Choose a color you will like. Even with all the functionality in place, you will still want to have a jacket that draws you like a magnet when choosing from your wardrobe. All our puffer jackets are of exceptionally high quality and will last for many years. So choose a companion that suits your style. A black jacket is always a safe choice, but maybe you are looking for something a bit more daring?


All Nordisk insulted jackets are suitable as winter jackets. But if you are going somewhere, where the cold is particularly fierce, you could opt for a jacket with extra down filling. Have a look at our extra warm winter jackets here.


All jackets are available in sizes XS to XXL for women and in mens sizes S to 3XL.

Not yet dressed for winter? If you have further questions about our down jackets, we are eager to help. Contact one our down specialists via our chat, Facebook, mail or by simply  calling +4573734069.