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Glamping tents for luxury outdoor adventures

Our glamping tents are spacious tents that are perfectly suited for luxurious outdoor stays. Whether you want to sleep in the comfort of a 4-poster bed or need an extravagant space to hold an outdoor event, we have glamping tents of all sizes. Browse our range of glamping tents and start your glamping experience.

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In this category you can find our glamping tents. These unique tents offer enough space for luxury without compromising the quality and durability we are known for at Nordisk.

The three main benefits of buying a glamping tent

  • Enjoy the luxury of a spacious, well-furnished room in the wilderness.
  • Glamping tents are durable and waterproof for all months.
  • The comforts of glamping mean even non-adventurous people can enjoy the outdoors.

Glamping tents make the outdoors more accessible to all people. If you need to sleep on a comfortable mattress or need a relaxing home-base from your hiking or walks, the glamping tent offers a lot more than the standard tent.

Many people love that glamping tents allow enough space for furniture, luggage and plenty of room to stand upright!

Buying guide for glamping tents

When it comes to setting up your own glamping tent, you first must choose one design. At Nordisk, we have expertly helped outdoor adventurers select all kinds of tents and can help you pick the best glamping tent. First, consider: 

  • The size of your tent. 3 metre sized glamping tents are the smallest available and will comfortably make room for a couple.
  • How many people will be helping you set up the tent? We have video guides to help you assemble your tent but some of the larger glamping tents need extra hands to pitch it.
  • What furniture will you be having in your glamping tent? Consider the size of the opening door and how easy it will be to furnish!
  • Do you need a groundsheet? Some models have removable groundsheets while others are sewn in.

Why Buy a Glamping Tent from Nordisk?

Buying from Nordisk is a sign of quality. Our luxury glamping tents are built to be strong and beautiful, reinforced to withstand the elements. 

If you need some inspiration, take a look at our World of Glamping Guide to give you an idea of how beautifully these tents can be furnished.

Scroll back up now to browse our glamping tents and order yours.