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Ready for your next adventure

Unlock a whole new way to explore the outdoors with a lightweight wild camp.


Made for great adventures since 1901

Embrace the Wild

Create memories to last a lifetime and spend quality time in nature. Extend your stay in the mountains with a lightweight overnight camp and discover a whole new side of your favourite hills. From sunset to sunrise, even the most familiar mountains can take on a completely new character; get to know them!

Discover how to wild camp responsibly with our expert How To Guide HERE

Adventure awaits. Are you ready to answer the call?


to take you further

Lightweight mats


Cooking gear


Trekking tents

Nordisk: Danish outdoor brand

We are the camping experts. Whether your next adventure is a solo lightweight wild camp in the mountains or a luxury getaway under the magic of cotton canvas with all the family; we have the tents, equipment and accessories to complete your set-up. We have divided our range to help you find the right pieces for your next camp, so whether you’re seeking Spirit, Ambition or Addiction; just choose your universe and begin planning your next night in our billion-star hotel.

Made for great adventures since 1901