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What will happen to Yeti products?

  • Only the name and logo will change. All the current Yeti products will still exist with the same features, same design and same team behind them.  
    Yeti logos will be reduced by the three letters “E-T-I”, thereby leaving the red “Y” on the front identical with the other logo placements, typically on the right shoulder and back of jackets and centered on the chest of sleeping bags.


Why do you merge the two brands?

  • There are many reasons behind this merge. To name a few, the combined knowledge accumulates to 150 years of experience making high end products. Knowledge, we can now implement across the organization to improve products in all categories. By merging the brands, we will also be able to free up time from double tasking to invest in further sustainability efforts. And of course, it allows Nordisk to take a completely unique position in ultralight adventure equipment, by offering, for instance, a complete set of tent, sleeping bags, insulation layers and sleeping mats – for two persons – weighing less than 2 kilos!


Can I still have my Yeti products serviced and repaired?

  • Yes, of course. In fact, we have just invested in brand-new state of the art facilities in Görlitz, Germany, where skilled seamstresses craft, service and repair products by hand.


Will the product quality still be the same?

  • Absolutely. Nothing is changed.


Is my contact still the same?

  • Yes. We still have the same team onboard and you can still contact us in the ways as before.


How do I recognize the new products?

  • As always, you recognize it by the looks, the lightness and of course, the iconic red Y 


Does the logo change?

  • The letters “E-T-I” will disappear as the logo continues to evolve and be modernized 


Are your sleeping bags still made in Germany?

  • Yes, of course. In fact, we have just invested in brand-new state of the art facilities in Görlitz, Germany, where skilled seamstresses not only craft our sleeping bags byhand, they also service and repair all our products by hand. Which means that we can fix anything from a torn down chamber in a jacket to a completely Taylormade® sleeping bag, made to fit your exact measures, your desired temperature rating and even with your name embroidered into the fabric.


What about current stock and running through products?

  • It would be irresponsible to discard the products we have already produced, carrying the Yeti logo; financially and with regards to sustainability. Plus, it just feels wrong.. So some of our classic products will still carry the Yeti logo this season.


What about and Yeti’s social media accounts?

  • Both website and social media will transfer to Nordisk by September. 
    Until jan 1st 2021, they will still exist, but only with info about the fusion and as a direct link to Nordisk platforms. Webshop, product info and all active communication will be transferred to Nordisk equivalent channel


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