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Meet our Nordisk ambassador
Brian Bojsen


Brian Bojsen



What is your passion?

Outdoor cooking

"Brian lives and cooks the Wild Scandinavian Way – it’s all about Fire. It’s all about Style. It’s all about Nordic Cuisine."


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Times are changing and digital detox is a big issue as we question who we are, what we do, what we eat and how we live. Brian Bojsen - a Danish adventurer, TV chef, surfer, photographer and outdoor cook created a YouTube format that’s all about nature and sustainability: WILD SCANDINAVIAN WAY by Brian Bojsen.

It’s all about hunting and fishing in a way that’s fair and shows respect to our environment. 

Join in on Brian’s experience and learn from him how to hunt and cook in a fair and sustainable way. It’s about adventure. It’s about friendship. Cooking, fishing and hunting - NOW IT’S YOUR TURN!






Home is where I belong.
I belong to the cold north and the warm south.
I'm a traveller - an explorer.
And I always come home.

Wild Scandinavian cooking


Wild cooking


Brian Bojsen cooking in Lapland


Brian Bojsen making coffee on a vulcano