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How to choose the right sleeping bag

Down or fibres?

Where are you going – is it dry or wet?

  • if you might get wet, choose fibres
  • if you need small pack size and low weight choose down

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When are you going – summer or winter?

  • comfort is the lower limit for sleep for the average woman
  • limit is the lower limit for sleep for the average man
  • extreme is the lower limit for risk of health damage

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Weight and pack size

How are you going – is weight and size important?

  • Do you need to carry your gear yourself?
  • Do you need the bag for competing in a race?
  • Do you go by bike, kayak or maybe motorbike?


How much will you use it?

  • If you go camping once or twice a year no need for the most technical bag
  • If you plan to use it extensively or in extreme surroundings be extra aware of the quality of fabric, filling, stitches and zippers

Colour, design and usability

How does it look and feel?

  • Feel the fabric, filling and zippers
  • Look at the design and the colours
  • Choose with your head, hands, and heart!