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How to choose the right tent


How many people are going and what are you doing?

  • What are you doing on the trip? The tent needs to fit people and activities
  • Do you have special needs like space for kids to play, a porch area for eating or extra room for luggage and equipment?
  • Consider the number of doors. For more than two people an extra door is welcome
  • How is the weather? More indoor space when raining – and a low tent when windy

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Hydrostatic head and fabric

Where and when are you going?

  • For a warm summer holiday choose a spacious tent with a hydrostatic head around 2000 mm. Consider a PU-coated polyester for extra UV-protection
  • For hiking in cold and wet surroundings you’ll need a hydrostatic head around 3000 mm on the upper flysheet and 8000-10000 on the ground sheet

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Pack size and weight

Is weight and pack size important?

  • How do you transport your tent – in the trunk of a car, on a bike or on your back?
  • For biking four kilos is max
  • For kayaking six kilos is acceptable
  • For motorbiking the pack size shouldn’t exceed 50 cm
  • For hiking choose the smallest and lightest pack possible

Quality of materials

How much will you use your tent?

  • If you go camping once or twice a year choose a cheeper tent
  • If you plan to use your tent extensively or in extreme surroundings be extra aware of the quality of fabric, stitches, zippers, poles and pegs

Colour, design and usability

How does it look and feel?

  • Step inside the tent in the shop
  • Feel the fabric and zippers and check out the design and colours
  • Choose with your head, hands, and heart!