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Fibres vs downs

Fibres vs down

Choosing which type of sleeping bag you will buy starts with the choice between the two options for filling: A down filled bag or a fibre filled bag. Each filling has its own advantages:



Fibre filling is a synthetic product made from polyester and it is very popular for sleeping bags because it is has a very high level of insulation, it is highly durable, it dries fast and it only requires a minimum of maintenance. Actually today most sleepng bags are made with fibre filling.

Fibre filling ensures a sleeping bag with a pleasant and soft feel combined with high elasticity and a very good heat insulation. Fibre filling is additionally highly durable even over long term and it requires only a minimum of maintenance.

Compared to down, a synthetic sleeping bag requires less care in cleaning and storage – and it also performs better when wet. Furthermore, since synthetic filling is less costly than down a fibre bag offers relative good value for less money.


Down bags are very soft with a unique weight to temperature ratio. With down you get small pack size and lower weight. The down bag is, however, more vulnerable to moisture and getting wet, which requires a stricter discipline when handling the bag.

Down has the greatest warmth to weight ratio of all insulating materials, as it simply breathes better than any other material. Furthermore, down and small feathers absorb the moisture emitted by the body much better than most other materials

Down are NOT feathers as down grows under the outer layer of the feathers on geese and duck, and have filaments that link to other down plumules creating air pockets. It is these air pockets – and not the down itself – which provide the fantastic insulation.

The general rule of thumb is the fewer feathers, the better, which is measured as a percentage where 90/10 means that the mix includes at least 90% down and 10% feathers and other particles.

Nordisk only uses high quality European down with a special treatment to make them quicker drying as well as preventing odour and mould on the down.

Nordisk down are measured and labelled by EN standards and complies with the EDFA Down Codex and traceability (European Down & Feather Association), which is the only standard which also includes monitoring of actual down standard. The EDFA Down Codex is monitored and controlled by third party (IDFL – International Down & Feather Laboratories).