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Spacious and comfortable

Tunnel tents offers more indoor space than a dome tent with the same ground area, but need guy ropes and pegs. Most often there is a sleeping area at one end and a porch/storage/living area at the other. Tunnel tents are sensitive to very strong winds.

+ more space

– sensitive to very strong winds




The classic

The ridge tent is the classic-shaped tent and is easy to pitch and quite sturdy. The symmetric or asymmetric A-shape provides lots of room, but also makes ridge tents more sensitive to very strong winds.

+ easy to pitch

+ sturdy

– sensitive to very strong winds




For extreme surroundings

Geodesic tents are dome tents with extra poles that criss-cross to support the basic shape and minimise the amount of unsupported fabric making them more suitable for use in snowy and windy conditions. Therefore they are rarely higher than 120-150 cm (4-5 ft).

+ great under most conditions

– more complicated to pitch




Easy to pitch, no need for pegs

Dome tents have a very simple structure. Some models pitch outer-tent first, while others pitch inner-tent first. The pole tension keeps everything in shape and dome tents do not require guy ropes and pegs – except when very windy.

+ no need for guy ropes and pegs

– weight