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Imagine setting up your own holiday castle.

Spending your holiday as kings and queens in nature

without compromising on comfort and luxury. 

And leaving without a trace. 


The Cotton Castle

Midgard makes your camp the center of attention. With its majestic architecture, its welcoming gate and its spacious interior, sleeping outdoors has never been more glamorous.

Build your own cotton castle camp, suiting your needs for space and separate sleeping rooms.

The Midgard Concept  - People, Space, Community

In Norse Mythology, humans lived in the realm of Midgard, where a strong social bond was essential to a tribe’s survival and well-being. The classic longhouses and later, the iconic stave churches, are examples of how the Vikings and their descendants designed their lives with a starting point in the community.
This has been the inspiration for creating Midgard; a completely new and more social way of sleeping outside. With a dedicated space for a community to gather and socialize and the opportunity to expand your castle with private cabins, you will experience outdoor living in ways you had never imagined.


Where are the poles?

That’s right; when you are in the Midgard, the most amazing thing is actually what is not there! Gaining that amount of space and standing height (and then some!) without those annoying center poles seems unbelievable. But the innovative Turtle Hub® construction has enabled us to create a huge space with no obstacles, so you can have the freedom of decorating your castle just the way you dream of.

The Midgard concept has several design registrations and patents for its design and connectivity. The Turtle Hub®  pole connection solution is patented by Nordisk.


Turtle Hub

The Turtle Hub®  is a flexible padded pole hub system consisting of individual pole pockets sharing the same reinforced “shell”, creating a perfect pole hold and an even tension distribution away from the poles. The Turtle Hub® provides extraordinary stability and prevents any number of individual poles from moving against or away from each other, thus it becomes possible to create pole structures like A-frames or T-junctions without using bulky connected frame poles or additional connector elements. Even though a tent architecture would be based entirely on single poles that are not connected to one another, the Turtle Hub®  will give massive strength and stability, hold the poles tight and distributes their pushing force evenly.