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Aiming for a PFC-free future

At Nordisk, we are ambitious about sustainability. We're also ambitious about the quality and functionality of the products we sell. We have a declared goal of becoming 100% PFC-free as a company and we work towards this goal every day.
But sometimes ambition moves faster than progress. 

For years we have been working to find the perfect PFC-free impregnation of our luxurious cotton tents that would also meet the standards of both performance and breathability of the fabric.

After numerous tests in both the lab and in the field, we thought we had found the right solution together with a German supplier. A solution that was both PFC-free - and that could also improve protection against mold, fungus, and UV rays.

Unfortunately, it turns out that the new water-repellency treatment can become unstable when it gets into contact with other materials, such as guy lines, straps etc. and consequently the performance will not be up to the expected high Nordisk standards.
Our investigation shows that only a few % of delivered tents and tarps are affected. The new solution has only been applied to cotton tents and tarps delivered to shops from September 2022, so if your tent is older than 3 months, no need to worry.

However, should you be one of the unlucky ones, please get in contact with the shop where you bought the product or with Nordisk directly. We will then exchange your product. 

We dreamed of getting our new generation of PFC-free tents on the market as soon as they were ready – and we still do - but we have to acknowledge that we're not yet quite there with the right after-treatments.

If you are interested in reading more about our efforts to create innovative sustainable solutions, you may want to read this article about our vision tent Asgard ECO – the world’s first 100% bio-degradable tent…