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Asgard Eco

The world’s first 100% biodegradable tent

Can we design a tent...

  • Which is 100% plant-based - without any plastic, metal, or synthetic components?
  • that would decompose if left underground?
  • that you could essentially.... eat?


The answer... is YES!

Sleeping outside is already a big step towards sustainable tourism and a happy life, but we are always looking for new ways to protect nature through the production processes and materials we use.

So we wanted to test how far we could stretch the idea of camping without leaving any footprint. At all! And we got pretty far down that road. All though we must admit that eating it may take a bit more than heavy flavoring and slow roasting it over a bonfire...

The result is the Asgard ECO - our new concept tent for a sustainable future.

The canvas itself is made from hemp fibers, a plant based fabric that can be ecologically and rapidly grown and spun. It is both strong, soft, and quiet enough to be suitable for tents.

Of course, there are no chemicals involved. But we have treated it with beeswax and thus obtained the same level of adequate water protection as on our regular cotton tents and equally importantly: the same outstanding inner climate and breathability. 

All straps and guy lines are coconut fibre and zippers have been replaced with a loop and a seashell, which is not only functional, but also very decorative. The mesh doors and windows is made from jute, a soft plant based bast fibre, and the whole thing is pitched with bamboo poles and pegs.

For now, we are just playing with an idea and wanted to share our vision. There are still challenges to solve before it is ready for commercial production. We have simply proven the concept possible and hope to inspire innovative thinking to protect our most valuable asset, our planet.