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Repost from Nordisk GO magazine 2013

A touch of luxury adventure
mixed with a whole lot of glamour

If you’ve ever tried getting your fussy significant other or comfortable in-laws to go on family camping trips, you probably know that the thought of roughing it tends to scare some people off...


When it comes to camping most people think of small leaking tents from the 80s, bugs and tight spaces, but a new trend that keeps even the fussiest campers happy has emerged within the camping world. It’s called Glamping, a glamorous way of camping that allows you to have all the modern amenities at your fingertips while still fully experiencing the great outdoors.


Modern day African safari

This trend is not exactly new though, as this luxury way of camping originates from early 1900’s Africa. Rich travellers wanted to experience the African wilderness in a comfortable way, so their guides made an entire industry out of making sure they had the comforts and amenities of their homes as they were travelling, including a fully staffed kitchen tent. Large canvas tents were set up with beds, expensive bed linen, antique decorative pieces and ornate lamps in the ceiling.

Modern Glamping has been adapted to suit our modern lifestyle, but the general idea is still the same. Large tents which allow you to stand upright in them is the foundation for any glamp, and is usually paired up with matching bed-linen, ceiling lanterns with remote controls, outdoor shower stand, fluffy pillows, a large bed and a seating area conveniently located at the entrance which allows you to take off your shoes before entering to avoid a muddy mess on your rugs.

Colours, aesthetics and comfort

If this sounds like something for you, there are two ways of going about glamping. There are either the pre-set campsites which allows you to rent a fully furbished glamp, just like a luxury hotel room but in a much nicer setting.

It is definitely more expensive, but also more convenient! The other way of approaching it is to DIY from start to finish. It is quite a lot cheaper, but requires a patient mindset (and a large trailer to haul your items to the setup area).

If you’re looking to get away from the stress of your everyday life and collect your thoughts, this modern and comfortable way of camping may be just what you’re looking for.