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Jorund Tech Bivy

Is it a tarp?
Is it a poncho?
No, it’s a sleeping bag.
Well, actually, it’s all in one - and so much more!

Jorund Tech Bivy is a real allrounder with endless possibilities for the true outdoor lover.


Jorund Tech Bivy is the perfect bivy bag. Not only will it keep you dry. Thanks to the innovative heat reflecting shell and insulating fibre filling, it keeps you warm on its own or boosts your favorite sleeping bag.



The bivy transforms into an insulated rain poncho when needed. The sewed-in zippers and concealed hood provide a comfortable fitting and the breathable shell gives you the necessary air exchange. On top of this, the special material reflects the body heat in low temperatures.




The rectangular form makes a great tarp to protect you or your essentials from the elements. The included ropes are useful for a number of pitching variations.
Thanks to the the shape and many webing loops, the Jorund Tech Bivy can even transform into an insulating underquilt.


The Jorund Tech Bivy can also be used to build a lightning fast shelter. Use logs, branches or trekking poles to pitch it in a true bushcrafting manner!


The Jorund Tech Bivy is a true allrounder with a small pack size and a low weight. It can be used for a multitude of purposes and thanks to its sturdy material, it is extremely durable.