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Project Iceman

The first ever ironman in Antarctica 

Limitations are perceptions. We are very proud to team up with Anders Hofman & the Project Iceman Team, as his dedicated Expedition Partner, on his journey to be the first ever ironman in Antarctica.

Not an official race or competition, but an ordinary guy, achieving the extraordinary by swimming 3.9 km in ice water, biking 180 km and running 42.2 km in ice and snow on Antarctica’s glacial surface in February 2020. The event takes place during a 33-day expedition by boat from Ushuaia, Argentina, across the Drake Passage to Antarctica. All safety precautions are taken and the team includes some of the most experienced people in the world, when it comes to expeditions in Antarctica.

Anders officially completed 'The Iceman'! 40 hours - 45 minutes - 33 seconds (not official time) – INCREDIBLE.

We are very proud!
As his dedicated Expedition Partner we are so very proud of Anders Hofman & Team - Well Done