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Top 5 Games for Family Camping & S’More!

If 2020 was the year of the Homeliday, then 2021 must be the year of the Staycation.


Remove the stress from holidays and stay a little closer to home, taking time to explore some of the great National Parks or hidden corners that the UK has to offer. Get back to nature in the way that suits you, whether that is by pitching up in style with a luxurious basecamp and all the mod cons for the true glamping experience or getting down and dirty with a multi-day hike, bike or kayak adventure. Or why not pick up the pace, strip back your kit and give fastpacking a go.

Check out our pick of ways to get out and into nature for 2021

We’ve picked our favourite games, recipes and ideas with some essential kit for you to try this year.

This week we take a look at camping with kids (big and small) and those who maybe think camping isn’t for them!





Despite kids generally being smaller than adults, they somehow manage to take up more room and so, even if you’re a family of four you’re going to want space to spread out. Go for a tent that has lots of room for all their favourite toys, games and kit and that also gives you space to move around. The Reisa 6 is perfect for larger families and can even accommodate a couple of bikes parked in the porch.

Add some comfortable sleeping mats and a sleeping bag suitable for the size of the sleeper and you’re on to a winner. On the subject of sleeping bags, our junior bags are designed to grow as they grow, with an extendable footbox. It is important to size the bag to the sleeper to minimise dead air and cold spots. A sure-fire way to win anyone round to camping is to make sure they have a comfortable night’s sleep.

Reisa 6 / Puk Junior / Bornholm 5.0

Top Games for Kids

Obstacle Course – A long time kid’s favourite (and increasingly with adults!), building and completing increasingly absurd and challenging obstacle courses is a fantastic way to spend a sunny afternoon. Use anything and everything you can find to create ingenious and cunning obstacles. Take turns setting the fastest time you can and if it gets too easy, add another obstacle!

Tig/Tag - Whatever you call it, this must be one of the oldest games on the planet! Release your hunter instinct and tear around after each other and enjoy the thrill of the chase. All you need for this is open space and energy; lots of energy but luckily camping provides both of these in bucket loads!

Red Rover/Bulldogs - Another schoolyard classic, this one requires a larger bunch of people in two teams. Face each other in a line, link arms and take turns trying to break through the other team’s line, one at a time. This one can get pretty messy, you might want to keep the ice packs close to hand!

Jenga – This one does require a bit of equipment but even if you don’t have the wooden blocks, you can stack pretty much anything so get creative!

Blind Man’s Bluff – A version of Tig/Tag, with the added excitement/frustration of a blindfold!

And once the sun dips and the temperatures fall, there is nothing better than gathering around a campfire or firepit and break out the marshmallows. And to take it to the next level here is our recipe for the perfect S’more (named because when you have one, you want s’more!). It’s also super easy to swap in vegan/gluten free/dairy free options if you like!


1 x Bag of Marshmallows

1 x Milk Chocolate Bar

1 x Packet of Biscuits (Rich Tea, Digestives, Oaties all work well but almost any will do!)

Wooden skewers/sticks

  1. Skewer a marshmallow onto your stick and place over the fire. It takes practice to find the perfect spot where it cooks but doesn’t burst into flames!

  2. Once the marshmallow starts to soften and brown to your preferred level, place a square of chocolate onto one of the biscuits.

  3. Then take the marshmallow and place onto the biscuit and chocolate square, press a second biscuit on top to hold the marshmallow in place as you remove the stick.

  4. Press down so the marshmallow begins to ooze and the chocolate starts to melt.

  5. At this point, things get pretty messy as you try to negotiate this gooey, chocolatey, biscuity sandwich into your mouth.

  6. You can try nibbling it, but the best technique is to chuck it all in at once, thus producing the silliest, messiest and happiest grin around the campfire.

  7. For bonus points with kids of all ages, spread a little peanut butter on one of the biscuits before sandwiching together for the ultimate in outdoor decadence.