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Torden Chimney Pipe Set

The ultimate chimney for your Nordisk cotton tent with built in heating

GBP 170
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The ultimate chimney for your Nordisk cotton tent with built in heating

Sitting around a warm stove, sipping freshly-brewed coffee, talking about the experiences of the day.

This is what we call a true outdoor hygge® moment. The fire draws you into an inner peace and relaxation. Looking at the different colours of the fire, listening to the crackling of the wood burning and feeling the heat when everything is getting colder around you. At this moment you feel alive.

The Torden Chimney System fits all Nordisk Torden Wood Burners and will not only keep the smoke outside, but also help heat up the air inside your Nordisk cotton tent. 
The special alloy is very efficient in transporting the heat to the surrounding air inside.
The modular design gives you the option of either making the chimney exit through the roof or wall.
The spark catcher at the very top of your chimney, makes sure your Nordisk cotton tent is safe.


  • Built in heating
  • Modular build enables roof or wall exit
  • Compact and light weight design
  • Chimney support and stabilizer included



Stainless steel



  • Total weight : 2.6 kg



Available accessories :

Torden Wood Burner Set
Torden Chimney Exit

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