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Large Hooks

The extra helper around camp

GBP 12
Chocolate - 148085

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The extra helper around camp

The aluminium hook is a nice carabiner to bring along for multiple uses. Made of ultra strong aluminium and equipped with an easy snap feature it can be used to hang accessories inside the tent such as lamps, to bundle together smaller items such as cutlery or to attach to your belt for extra gear. The Nordisk Nametag is elegantly carved into the mat surface, which has been designed with no sharp edges to prevent it from damaging the fabric. The lock is simple yet functional with a small spring to secure that it stays locked when you need it to. A great accessory to make things a bit easier.


  • Hang stuff onto your Ygg and Yggdrasil bags while travelling.
  • Use the hooks to hang all kinds of things, from lanterns to clotheslines.
  • A great way of keeping your camp organised






  • Length : 6 cm
  • Width : 4 cm
  • Pieces In Set : 6


  • Total weight : 50 g
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  • Material : Aluminium