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Ultra packable square pillow

GBP 21
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Ultra packable square pillow

The Nat square pillow is a very light, handy and comfortable pillow perfect for a good nights sleep. Due to the inflatable construction, it is both light and small when packed, making it perfect for fast packing or trekking. It is designed to create a comfortable and ergonomic cushion that matches your neck and head, avoiding the typical balloon shape once inflated. The top of the pillow cover is designed with a synthetic filling for extra softness, and the cover can be removed for easy cleaning. The Nat comes with a separate stuffsack.


  • Square shaped pillow
  • Very lightweight
  • Moulded construction fitting your head
  • Cover made of 100% cotton jersey
  • Soft cushioning integrated in pillow case
  • Combined air and synthetic construction
  • Machine washable removable pillow cover
  • Ultra-small pack size
  • Includes stuffsack


Mat type

Air pillow

Mat shape




  • Height : 30 cm
  • width : 42 cm
  • Weight excl. pack sack : 110 g

Pack sack

  • Pack sack type : Pack sack with guy line and cord stopper closing
  • Pack Size 3D : 9 x 5 x 10 cm



Composition: 100% Cotton jersey

Colour: Limoges Blue


Composition: 100% Polyester

Colour: Black


TPU air pockets with synthetic filling