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Seiland 3 SP tent

The Four Season Fortress for three

GBP 955

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The Four Season Fortress for three

The Seiland 3 SP is a testament to the seamless fusion of durability and adaptability, It offers an unrivaled balance suited for both the harshest winter conditions and the balmy breezes of summer. This is the first TRUE 4-season tent.

Crafted with the pioneering SilPoly fabric, this three-person abode retains its stalwart structure through rain and dew, sparing you the inconvenience of retightening during midnight hours.

This spacious tunnel tent boasts a flysheet that reaches the earth, a steadfast guard against both drifts of snow and incursions of sand. Such a design typically compromises ventilation, especially in warmer months when snow deflection is unnecessary. However, Seiland 3 SP's advanced vent adjustment system allows for complete control over internal airflow, providing an oasis of comfort regardless of the season.

The Seiland 3 SP's robust construction is anchored by superior 9mm DAC poles, renowned for their strength-to-weight excellence. Challenging the conventional, we have used an innovative guy out system that envelops the poles, yielding an extraordinary strength, eliminating the risk of tearing, if conditions turn crazy.

Breathability is a cornerstone of the Seiland 3 SP experience, with a comprehensive venting system that includes dual rear vents, a front vent, and additional lateral options, all synergizing to dispel moisture and maintain a dry and comfortable interior. Even with the flysheet fully deployed, the ingenious lower back vent promises continuous airflow and a consistently fresh environment within.

The Seiland 3 SP adapts as swiftly as the landscapes it's designed to inhabit. Ample pole sleeves accommodate extra poles, bracing for those extra demanding trips where nature's fury is unleashed. The front door's flexible design gives you a range of different opening options, from an expansive 180-degree vista to a fully closed protective barrier tailored to adapt to current conditions.

From the magnetic 'quick-snap' door closure to the ability to detach the inner cabin, the Seiland 3 SP is a paragon of versatility. Its meticulously crafted features, such as the ground-breaking lower back vent and the ability to convert the front entrance, are a testament to a tent designed not just to withstand the elements, but to provide a gateway to immerse fully in all the beauty and diversity that nature has to offer 

One tent to rule all seasons.


  • Patent pending slider to adjust ground ventilation
  • Outer pitched tunnel construction
  • Pole socks and shoes for easy pitching
  • Roll away front
  • Fly to inner tent connection can be repaired with out stitching
  • 4 static connection points to accommodate extra heavy dry lines
  • SilPoly fly
  • Highly wind stable construction
  • New guy out system that increases strength without adding weight
  • New innovative lower back vent design
  • Possible to detach inner cabin
  • Excellent ventilation - even with fly to the ground
  • State of the art DAC poles
  • Magnetic 'quick-snap' door closure




Double wall


Outer pitched


  • 3 person tent





  • Length : 440 cm
  • Width : 210 cm
  • Height : 120 cm

Inner tent

  • Length : 220 cm
  • Width : 190 cm
  • Height : 110 cm


  • Total weight : 3850 g
  • comment
  • Trim weight : 3710 g
  • Indicates the weight of the product and the absolute minimum of required accessories. (Excluding all packsacks, excess guyline, pegs, repair kit etc. )

Pack size

  • Length: : 50 cm
  • Diameter : 20 cm



This products is PFC free


  • Name : Silpoly
  • Composition : 100% Polyester
  • Construction : Rip Stop
  • Coating : Silicon Coating
  • Weight : 45 g/m2
  • Denier : 20D
  • Tearing strength : 12 kg
  • Hydrostatic head : 3000 mm
  • Colour : Burnt Red

Ground sheet

  • Composition : 100% nylon
  • Coating : PU Coating
  • Denier : 150D

Tent accessories

  • Poles : Aluminium
  • Pegs : Aluminium


Included accessories:


9 mm alu DAC Featherlike NSL, Green Anodized

3 pieces
Pegs: Alu Y-Pegs; 21 pieces

Available accessories :

Seiland 3 SP footprint
Seiland 3 SP spare pole set alu