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Steel Nail pegs (30 cm)

The must have peg for hard ground and heavy duty tents

GBP 30

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The must have peg for hard ground and heavy duty tents

The steel nail is the perfect peg for all kinds of firm ground or ice. The slim design combined with a sharply pointed tip perforates into almost everything, and the reinforced body made of extra strong 9mm steel makes it both strong and durable. The steel nail is fitted with a hole at the top, which is dual purpose; the primary use is the attachment of a guy rope, but since the hole fits the diameter of the peg you can insert a second steel nail into the hole, making removal much easier. A great feature when using it for heavy tents and tarps on hard ground.


  • Slim designed nail-like peg
  • Durable and very robust
  • Extra strong 9mm thick forged steel
  • Can be hammered
  • Sharply pointed cut-through tip
  • Easy penetration into firm soils
  • Dual functional design for easy pull
  • Diameter of peg fits the size of hole
  • Very strong hook for guy rope
  • Set of 4 pegs






  • Peg Weight : 180 g
  • Pieces In Set : 4


  • Total weight : 720 g
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  • Material : Steel