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Karl Krabbenhöft



What is your passion?







Hi, my name is Karl and I have a passion for exploring this planet on two wheels.
This passion started with 20” BMX wheels exploring cities for suitable spots to ride and evolved to travelling through various countries on fixed track bikes with my friends @hardbrakers. (Budapest - Istanbul, Lisboa- Marrakech, Warsaw - Helsinki & São Paulo - Rio De Janeiro) 

After a few local bikepacking and camping experiences I decided to start at the Badlands 2020 with a friend which ignited a hunger for more events like this.
This was followed by the Bohemian Border Bash, the Tracks6000 and another run at the Badlands 2022. 

Self supported endurance events are a tasty mix of heaven and hell.
It’s rare that pleasure, ecstasy and excitement are so closely intertwined with pain, discomfort and exhaustion in the same experience.
But even tortuous 10% plus climbs in Tabernas desert at 40 degrees provide instant gratification once you made it to the top and anticipate the headwind when bombing down the elevation again The super diverse flora and fauna, spectacular sundowns, clear nights under the stars and the obligatory freshly brewed coffee during sunrise made every drop of sweat worth it. 

Pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional.
Those kinds of events give us the opportunity to struggle, to fight, to be exposed to the elements and to awaken our inner powers. It's a great tool to re-assess one’s reference points. Simple things like finding a source of water, a handful of nuts, some shadow or a nice spot to set up camp can generate high levels of happiness and satisfaction under these conditions.

Bike packing adventure


“The impediment to action advances action. What stands in the way becomes the way.”
- Marcus Aurelius -

While we encounter this truth in all aspects of our life, cycling lets you experience this in a materialistic manner. There are physical obstacles in your way that might scare you off at first sight. But tackling these not only makes you stronger or more experienced for bigger obstacles. But them becoming your way makes the journey more fun and more exciting. This might just seem so in retrospect. Looking down the peak you just climbed. But think about adverse situations in your life. At the time they might seem like hell. But if you have successfully controlled your response, I would argue that all of those experiences turned out beneficial for your development in the end. You have the power to turn obstacles into opportunities. In cycling and in life.

My faithful companions for comfortable nights under the stars are a Passion 5 or Phantom 770 for Winter, the Vega Mat and a Lofoten 1 or Voss 5 Tarp depending on the conditions as well as a Nordisk Rimu rain jacket.