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Tsutomu Chiba (muuu_Camp)



What is your passion?



"Camp as if you were relaxing in your living room"






My name is Tsutomu Chiba.
I love spending time in nature. Therefore, I go camping about forty times a year.

My camping motto is “camp as if you were relaxing in your living room”. Every weekend, I load my camping gear and furniture into my car and travel around Japan in search of scenic views. Every season, I look for a spot with great view, and when I find it, I pitch my glamping tent and arrange my favorite furniture the way it fits perfectly in the surroundings. This is how the perfect home created away from my home is made.

My "home"



My “home”
My friends often remark that my camping setup resembles a cozy home, a mobile holiday haven of sorts. I couldn't agree more. The Nordisk glamping tents play an integral role in creating this comforting ambiance. Inside my Nordisk glamping tent, I bask in a sense of serenity, feeling light, warm, and utterly relaxed. There's a unique connection with nature and its enchanting atmosphere that I find unparalleled. It's an experience that transcends any other tent, creating a haven where I feel truly at one with the great outdoors.


Four seasons



Four seasons in Japan
Did you know Japan boasts four breathtaking seasons? Each place reveals a unique charm with the changing seasons, stirring a multitude of emotions within me. Whether it's the enchanting cherry blossoms of spring, the awe-inspiring cliffs overlooking the summer sea, the vibrant carpets of fallen leaves in autumn, or the serene winter wonderland, I savor the magical touch of each season.



Mount Fuji



Mount Fuji
Japan boasts an abundance of world-class landscapes, with none quite as iconic as majestic Mount Fuji. The vicinity surrounding this awe-inspiring mountain is adorned with numerous scenic wonders. Mt. Fuji itself is a spectacle to behold, revealing multiple facets throughout the day. If you're considering a camping adventure in Japan, I wholeheartedly suggest selecting a location affording views of this magnificent peak.