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Savas Coban



What is your passion?

Extreme running






Savas Coban is an extreme athlete. Having already run from Munich to Istanbul and biked from Hamburg to Seville, he will realize his latest project in 2022/2023: circumnavigating Peru on foot. In doing so, he runs offroad and self supports an ultramarathon every day, a total of over 5000 kilometers through deserts, jungles and extreme heights with ice and snow.

We talked to Savas to learn more about this extraordinary athlete.

Hi Savas. When people google your name, they find descriptions about you as an extreme athlete. But how would you describe yourself? What makes you stand out?

It has always been my dream to be a full-time adventurer and extreme athlete: that I can make a living out of it and be successful. That's why I gave up everything and risked everything to fulfill this dream. In the beginning, of course, I didn't earn anything from it, I put everything into it myself, financed my travels and projects myself, and virtually put everything on plan A. There was and is no plan B.

A film and a book about me and the project "Running Peru" are now being produced. Now it's really getting started.

In social media, I take people with me on my travels - even when I'm tired and exhausted in the evening. I notice that people really draw strength out of it, and when I read messages that I can inspire others, of course I'm even happier.

One day I want to say "okay, what did I do?" And when I look back and say, I inspired a lot of people, that's worth a lot to me. And that's why I also like to share everything on Instagram and I'm also very active there and I don't just want to be the extreme athlete, I also want to do good. That's why I also started the campaign at my last project, where I ran from Munich to Istanbul, to collect money for well construction in Africa.


Super exciting! How did you get into sports in the first place?

Everyone who knows me always associates me with sports. Ever since I can remember, sports have always been the biggest part of my life. Even as a child, I couldn't imagine doing anything else but sports. Others have always tried to persuade me to "do this or that", but no matter what I tried, sport was and is always the focus. And at some point, it clicked and since then I only do what makes me really happy. That's what's important to me. I think there are so many people out there who secretly have a dream, but still do something else. And for me it was clear, no matter how hard the road is and how long it takes, I firmly believe in my dream to become an extreme athlete. Sport has made me who I am today.


What is special about running for you?

I've always had an interest in different sports, but running has just always been part of my life. After soccer practice, I always went for another run.

What I particularly like about it is this special form of freedom, because it's actually so easy. You don't really need anything and can just run. And also on this tour in Peru I find it especially nice that I see something different every day. I wake up somewhere different every morning and I don't know where I'll be in the evening. That's a great feeling - that I'm pushing my limits and I have to fight with myself every day.


Your run is self-supported, which means you carry all your equipment yourself. What is in your backpack?

I have a 25 liter backpack and I have to make sure that it doesn't get too heavy - I still have to be able to run with it. I only have the essentials with me, even though I would like to take a lot of other stuff with me, but unfortunately that's not possible. I have a sleeping bag, a sleeping mat, a tarp, water, some food, a change of clothes, my cell phone and a power bank. It's hard to imagine, but every gram really does matter.


Did you have an overnight spot that you found particularly nice?

Yes, it was here in Peru in the desert. It was very dry, warm and completely without precipitation. There I could sleep directly under the starry sky, without a tarp or tent. That was just incredibly fantastic.


Thank you very much for the interview. We wish you another great and safe trip. We will continue to follow your journey: