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7 Person Tent Range for Large Outdoor Spaces

Nordisk 8 mands telte har en klassisk tipi-konstruktion, der giver ekstra meget plads i teltet, og sørger for et godt indeklima. Teltene har mulighed for montering af gulv og sovekabiner, der giver ekstra komfort. Se udvalget af de store 8 personers telte herunder, og bestil dit telt allerede i dag.

All our 7 person tents can be found here, from the Asgard design to the Alfheim. All our tents include steel pole(s), pegs and guy rope with Nordisk alu triangular sliders – everything you need to set up your tent quickly and easily.

The Three Main Benefits of Buying A 7 Person Tent

  • Iconic tepee shapes are attractive and allow you to stand upright in your tent!
  • The spacious design is perfect for sleeping in and storing large outdoor gear.
  • They’re surprisingly easy to set up.

Did you know that our signature Alfheim tent can be pitched by just 1 person? Large 7 person tents have all the features a smaller tent has, from the ventilation and guy lines to floor tarp and inner compartments. But they offer you more versatility, more space and more options for what you’ll do with your tent. 

Buying Guide for 7 Person Tents

Choosing a large tent can be a daunting prospect, but don’t worry. Follow this buying guide to work out which 7 man tent is right for you.

  • Look at the size of the tent. We’ve outlined how many people can fit in each tent. 2 tents of the same size might sleep a different number of people depending on the design!
  • What materials is it made of? In-built mosquito netting, ventilation, and waterproof groundsheets are important to consider and will add to your comfort.
  • Check the weather and wind speeds. 7 person tents can be quite tall with fitted poles at the centre, tepee style. A lower tent will handle high winds better or you might find it more suitable to use 2 or 3 smaller tents.
  • How spacious is the door opening? A smaller door will keep more warmth in… but if you are storing large gear or many people in your tent, a larger door will enable easier movement.

Learn more about how to choose the perfect 7 person tent in our guide to choosing the right tent.

Why Buy A 7 Person Tent from Nordisk

Nordisk allows you to find all your gear in one place. All the accessories you need to properly use, travel-with and maintain your tent are available here. There’s almost enough to fill your tent completely!

With free shipping over £50, your 7-man tent will be delivered for free in just 1-2 days because we know how eager you are to put it up for the first time.

Buying tents from Nordisk is also a sign of quality and endurance. For more than 100 years we’ve been supplying the highest quality tents and outdoor gear available. Scroll up now to make sure you don’t miss out!