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8 person tent range for large outdoor spaces

Finding a tent that can sleep 8 people – or 1 person and all the outdoor gear you could want – isn’t easy. But at Nordisk you can find 8-man tents that are well-built to withstand even high winds despite the larger surface area.

5 Products - 8+ persons


All our 8 person tents can be found here, from the classic tepee tent to a new design and amazing construction in the Midgard tent.  All our tents include steel pole(s), pegs and guy rope with Nordisk alu triangular sliders – everything you need to set up your tent quickly and easily.

Guide: Which 8 person cotton tent should you choose

  • Does it need to be easy to pitch by one person?

A larger tent often requires more to set up. Therefore, if you are alone when pitching the tent, consider one or more smaller tents. You can also choose either the classic tepee Alfheim or the more spacious Asgard, both of which can easily be set up by a single person.

If you can’t withstand the larger tents, just make sure to have a good helping hand. In return, you’ll get a magnificent architecture, inside and out.

  • Think carefully about how you want to use your tent

Is it for a luxurious holiday, where you just want lots of space and furniture around you? Then choose a tent with enough height, so you can use the space along the walls for storing and then get the feeling of spaciousness in the middle of the tent.

If the purpose is accommodation for a larger group, then you can advantageously choose a more pointed tent, where you get plenty of space for sleeping, and still have full standing height in the middle of the tent.

Are the tent for family camping, it would be a good idea to add sleeping cabins to divide the tent into a sleeping area and a living area.


A large tent from Nordisk with many opportunities

The large tents provide extra space, which opens uo to many uses

  • The tent can be used by the large family, or a family that just wants plenty of space
  • A group of friends at a fun camping trip
  • Scouting
  • Parties, events and the like if you choose the largest models

Learn more about how to choose the perfect 7 person tent in our guide to choosing the right tent.


Why Buy A 7 Person Tent from Nordisk

Nordisk allows you to find all your gear in one place. All the accessories you need to properly use, travel-with and maintain your tent are available here. There’s almost enough to fill your tent completely!

Buying tents from Nordisk is also a sign of quality and endurance. For more than 100 years we’ve been supplying the highest quality tents and outdoor gear available. Scroll up now to make sure you don’t miss out!