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Thy storage pockets, small

Takes up no space

GBP 30
Small - 10221178

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Takes up no space

The THY Storage Pockets are a seamless blend of functionality and Nordic design, crafted to enrich your outdoor living space with a calm and organized aesthetic.
Every pocket is equipped with adjustable webbing straps complete with tension hooks, allowing for straightforward attachment to the inner-cabin loops of the tent walls. This adaptable system ensures that whether your tent is modest or grand, the THY pockets will integrate effortlessly, keeping your gear neatly stored and easily accessible.
Offering two sizes, these pockets cater to a range of needs, ensuring that both small personal items and larger gear can be accommodated. The design echoes the tents' philosophy—minimal space usage for maximum efficiency.
With the THY Storage Pockets, you transform your tent into a sanctuary of order. Here, your adventure gear finds its own nook, leaving your floor space free for living and your tent environment as pristine as the Nordic landscapes that inspire it. Whether nested in the Asgard, Vanaheim, or Utgard, these pockets are more than mere accessories—they are the details that enhance your outdoor home.


  • Unique pockets for the Nordisk tents
  • Attached in loops inside on the walls - save floorspace
  • Different size of pocket for different use
  • Fits Asgard, Vanaheim, Utgard and Midgard




  • Length : 60 cm
  • Height : 30 cm


  • Total weight : 200 g
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This products is PFC free


  • Name : Technical cotton
  • Composition : 65% polyester, 35% cotton
  • Colour : Sandshell