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Titanium plate

Smooth and versatile high end titanium plate

GBP 44

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Smooth and versatile high end titanium plate

The titanium plate is a versatile classic; a lightweight, durable piece of tableware in a timeless design. It is designed in dark grey titanium and has a diameter of 19 cm with a 3cm rim making it work equally well as a plate or a bowl. The edged sides keep all things in place, which is an advantage when eating outside, sitting on the ground. The firm sides also fit most handles, which helps avoid burning your hands if the plate gets too hot. The surface of the plate is easy to clean, and it comes in a protective mesh bag.


  • 140g
  • No sharp edges
  • Rounded design
  • Very sturdy and durable
  • Includes mesh bag



  • Height : 3 cm
  • Diameter CM : 18 cm
  • Capacity : 500 ml


  • Total weight : 68 g
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  • Material : Titanium