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Titanium V-Peg

Very light titanium peg with an extremely strong hold

GBP 20

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Very light titanium peg with an extremely strong hold

The 15g titanium V-peg is extremely durable and designed to offer maximum strength at the lowest possible weight. Designed in a classic V-shape, but trimmed with added holes to save weight, it offers a firm grip, making it possible to withstand even very high tension and stormy weather. The choice of titanium and the wide V-shaped design adds extra strength and an even stronger grip to the peg. The V-shape combined with the thin titanium surface allows it to cut through smaller roots, making it especially great for pegging in areas with much vegetation, like woods and forests.


  • Exclusive Titanium design
  • Ultra-lightweight V-shape design
  • Great weight/performance ratio
  • Extra wide blades for stronger grip
  • Extremely sturdy construction
  • Works well in a wide range of ground types
  • Guy rope attachment for easy pull
  • Added holes for lower weight
  • Sharp enough to cut through roots etc.
  • Set of 2 pegs






  • Length : 165 mm
  • Peg Weight : 15 g
  • Pieces In Set : 2


  • Total weight : 30 g
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  • Material : Titanium