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Torden Wood Burner Set

Ultimate heater for glamping hygge

GBP 500
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Ultimate heater for glamping hygge

Sitting around a warm stove, sipping freshly-brewed coffee, talking about the experiences of the day.

This is what we call a true outdoor hygge® moment. The fire draws you into an inner peace and relaxation. Looking at the different colours of the fire, listening to the crackling of the wood burning and feeling the heat when everything is getting colder around you. At this moment you feel alive.


The Torden wood burner features a great new option for keeping you warm in the camp. The stove is designed with genuine double wall convection system. This allows for the optimal amount of air stream to generate maximum heat flow for the least amount of fuel. Danish craftsmanship and minimalist design at its best. The Torden features glass windows on 3 sides, 2 of which have the signature polar bear design. Embrace Hygge with the warm glow of the fire, lighting your legacy cotton tent. Includes; adjustable air intake, a large compartment for up to 35cm logs of firewood, and an ash collector.


  • Genuine convection system
  • Minimalistic & mobile.
  • Compartment takes up to 35 cm long firewood (both sizes)
  • Glass front door and side glass for ultimate experience
  • Built-in ashtray






  • Total weight : 17 kg
  • Size3D : 39 x 29 x 36 cm



Available accessories :

Torden Chimney Pipe Set
Torden Chimney Exit

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