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Vanaheim 40

An extremely spacious tent for extraordinary adventures

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An extremely spacious tent for extraordinary adventures

The Vanaheim 40 is your very own portable fantasy castle. Shaped like a house, with two big windows at each end, lots of ground level D-windows and a large double entrance, this huge tent offers endless possibilities for a group or an event. Lots of space for family or glamping luxury, plus if you want to install a double bed inside, the middle pole can be left out. It offers great space, light and ventilation with the comfort of cotton. The Vanaheim can be upgraded to ultimate luxury by adding the tailored zip-in groundsheet and extra sleeping cabins.


  • Fits up to 20 people sleeping
  • Vast space for large groups and events
  • Great atmosphere and living comfort
  • Four ventilations at roof top for airflow
  • Large side windows with fold-up curtains
  • Six ground level D-windows with curtains and mesh
  • Sides can be partially rolled up
  • Fits the Kari range of tarps
  • Tailored zip-in groundsheet available
  • Fits two inner cabins (each cabin fits 3 persons)


The story behind the name

Home of the Vanir

Vanaheim (Vanaheimr) means “home of the Vanir” and is one of the Nine Worlds in Norse mythology. Contrary to the younger and more martial gods of Æsir, the Vanir were a group of gods associated with fertility, wisdom, and the ability to see into the future. Vanaheim was also the place of birth of the Van god Njord (Njörðr), which is the reason why it became the home of the Vanir.


Hydrostatic head

  • Flysheet : 350 mm

Tent construction

Single wall

Download build up instructions:



  • Type : 20 person tent
  • Weight Kg : 56 kg
  • Flysheet Size : 800 x 495 x 300 cm

Pack sack

  • Pack Sack Type : Pack sack with carry handles
  • Pack size : 72 x 124 cm

Floor plan



Composition: 65% polyester, 35% cotton

Construction: Technical Weave with breathable finish

Weight: 185 g/m2

Colour: Natural


Included accessories:

Guy rope : Strong high tenacity Polyester 5.0 withNordisk alu triangular slider
Poles: Steel
Pegs: Steel V-peg 62 pieces

Available accessories :

ZIF, Vanaheim 40
Inner cabin, Vanaheim 40
Vanaheim 40 spare poles