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Voss 7 LW multi tarp

7 m2 multi-functional lightweight tarp

GBP 282

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7 m2 multi-functional lightweight tarp

Versatile shelter that fits your pocket
The World's lightest multi shelter. Full flexibility. No nonsense.

There is something magical about tarps. A completely unsolvable puzzle to the outdoor novice, but a true 8th wonder of the world to the expert. The Nordisk Voss 7 LW is a 7 m2 multipurpose outdoor shelter that will fit just about any need for shelter. And there is absolutely no reason to worry about weight and packsize.
Use trees, branches, a bike or your walking sticks to fix some of the 12 strong attachment points and create ridge shelters or open shelters by your own design, make a closed-end hammock roof or use it as a great and quick way to protect just about anything from rain, wind and snow. It comes with 6 fast-attach guylines, complete with adjustment sliders and mini-hooks.
The ultralight and seamingly delicate 10 denier rip stop nylon is unbelievably strong, yet light, compact and quiet.

The tarp weight is just 270 g for a full 7 m2. Including the 6 guy lines, hooks and sliders, you can carry a complete 2-person shelter with a mere 330 grams in your pack.




  • Width : 240 cm
  • Length : 390 cm


  • Total weight : 335 g
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  • Official weight : 280 g
  • Indicates the total weight of the product and packsack, with only the accessories needed for normal use (extra packsacks, bonus packs etc. excluded.)
  • Trim weight : 260 g
  • Indicates the weight of the product and the absolute minimum of required accessories. (Excluding all packsacks, excess guyline, pegs, repair kit etc. )

Pack size

  • Length: : 15 cm
  • Width : 25 cm




  • Composition : 100% nylon
  • Construction : Rip Stop
  • Coating : Silicon Coating
  • Denier : 10D
  • Hydrostatic head : 2000 mm
  • Colour : Forest Green


Included accessories:

Guy lines: 2 mm Dyneema;
Poles: Sold separately;
Pegs: Sold separately;