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Ydun Tech Mini tent

A neat and cozy ridge tent

GBP 540

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A neat and cozy ridge tent

True to the values of the “Colour my Adventure” range, the Ydun Tech Mini (the little brother of the Cotton Ydun) packs much smaller and is considerably lighter than its big brother, yet it is spacious enough for two people. Like the Asgard Tech Mini, the Ydun Tech Mini incorporates both brand-new features, such as the Nordisk Turtle HubTM and the Nordisk Technical Hybrid fabric concept, alongside classic design. The Ydun Tech Mini has two doors, both of which can be extended by a hidden door panel to create two small vestibules for your gear. It has superb ventilation through closable mesh doors and mesh windows, the latter fully operable from inside the tent. The biggest twist of Ydun Tech Mini is its new pole layout; the two light aluminium poles form two A-frames - one above each entrance - ensuring full and unhindered access to the tent without the more common, but obstructive, centre pole.

Colour pack with poles, pegs & guy rope is sold separately!


  • Comfort and “hygge”, but light in weight and small in packing size
  • Rainproof, lightweight, all-seam-taped roof
  • Breathable, airy side walls and doors
  • Sewn-in, seam-taped bathtub floor
  • Mesh front doors and two closable mesh windows, operable from inside the tent

The story behind the name

Everlasting youth

Ydun or Iðunn is in Norse mythology the goddess of youth. She is the wife of the skaldic god Bragi, who is son of Odin, and she is the keeper of the magic apples, that grants eternal youthfulness – not least to the gods in Valhalla. The name Iðunn means "ever young", "rejuvenator", or "the rejuvenating one", and is sometimes anglicized as Idun, Idunn or Ithun – occasionally with an -a suffix to denote femininity like Iduna and Idunna. 



Single wall

Pack sack

  • Pack sack with compression straps


  • 2 person tent



Download build up instructions:



  • Length : 155 cm
  • Width : 210 cm
  • Height : 125 cm


  • Total weight : 4500 g
  • comment
  • Official weight : 4300 g
  • Indicates the total weight of the product and packsack, with only the accessories needed for normal use (extra packsacks, bonus packs etc. excluded.)

Floor plan




  • Composition : 100% nylon
  • Coating : PU Coating
  • Hydrostatic head : 600 mm
  • Colour : Sand


  • Name : Technical cotton
  • Composition : 65% polyester, 35% cotton
  • Construction : Technical weave with breathable finish
  • Weight : 210 g/m2
  • Hydrostatic head : 350 mm
  • Colour : Sand

Ground sheet

  • Composition : 100% Polyester
  • Coating : PU Coating
  • WaterproofThirdFabric : Yes
  • Colour : Sand

Tent accessories

  • Poles : None
  • Pegs : None
  • Guy line : None


Included accessories:

Guy lines: Sold separately;
Poles: Sold separately;
Pegs: Sold separately;

Available accessories :

Ydun Mini Footprint
Ydun Mini Colour Pack - mustard
Ydun Mini Colour Pack - cherry
Ydun Mini Colour Pack - chocolate
Flag Lines
Flag Lines
Flag Lines
Guy line 2.5 mm (1.8m)
Guy line 2.5mm (1.8m)
Guy line 2.5mm (1.8m)
Mini Hooks
Mini Hooks
Mini Hooks
Large Hooks
Large Hooks
Large Hooks
Thors Hammer Pullers
Thors Hammer Pullers
Thors Hammer Pullers
Polar Bear key hanger
Polar Bear key hanger
Polar Bear key hanger
Skewer Pegs
Skewer Pegs
Skewer Pegs
Name Boards
Name Boards
Name Boards