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Nordisk booms in South Korea

25 Brand Shops Open, Aiming for 35 by Year End


In a remarkable expansion stride, Nordisk has opened 25 brand shops on prime locations across South Korea, with ambitious plans to further elevate its presence by reaching a total of 35 shops before the close of 2023. Nordisk shop no 25 recently opened its doors in the world famous Shinsegae Department Store in downtown Seoul, allowing the 25 million inhabitants to get a taste of Danish Design and outdoor living. The thriving collaboration between Nordisk and K2, one of South Korea's leading outdoor companies, has contributed significantly to this meteoric rise in brand awareness and market penetration.


An integral component of Nordisk's success in South Korea lies in the careful curation of its physical retail spaces. Our visual merchandiser team, Hwang So-ra and Song Kyung-jin, lends their creative touch to the unique expression of Nordisk's ethos within the stores. In an insightful interview, Song Kyung-jin shares her perspective, "I wanted to infuse the shops with emotions and capture the essence of the Nordisk brand. Despite being commercial spaces, I aimed to soak them with a welcoming and warm atmosphere that resonates with Scandinavian culture. The use of wood, stone, and organic cotton creates an environment that embodies these values."


While typical outdoor shops in South Korea lean towards fact-driven presentations with a masculine undertone, Nordisk stands apart with its unique approach. A Nordisk tent encapsulates warmth, coziness, and comfort – elements that Hwang So-ra and Song Kyung-jin tries to mirror inside the shops. Their artistic direction goes beyond mere aesthetics; it's about weaving a narrative that echoes the experience of Nordisk products, inviting customers to explore and connect on a personal level.


As these brand shops come to life, visitors can expect to be enveloped by the inviting ambiance created by Hwang So-ra and Song Kyung-jin's design philosophy. The careful selection of materials, surrounding the products, brings to life the true essence of Nordisk. These physical spaces become gateways to a world where outdoor gear seamlessly marries style, comfort, and functionality.


The rapid growth of Nordisk's presence in South Korea is a testament to the successful collaboration with Synkey, Nordisk long-time partner for selling Gear in South Korea, and K2. The partnerships have not only propelled the brand's expansion but has also generated increased brand awareness across the country. The blend of Nordisk's quality craftsmanship and K2's expertise has proven to be a winning formula that resonates deeply with Korean consumers.


Reflecting on this achievement, Nordisk's leadership expresses immense satisfaction. The CEO of Nordisk, Erik J. Møller, remarks, "The journey we've undertaken with K2 has been incredibly rewarding; personally and businesswise. We had the pleasure of hosting Mr Young Hun Jung, the owner of K2, and his team for a very special experience, when he visited Silkeborg in Denmark. A memorable trip into the forested Lakelands around Silkeborg founded a unique relationship and accelerated our partnership in a very positive direction from the beginning. Our combined efforts on this project have not only enhanced our market share, but have also enabled us to create a unique space for outdoor enthusiasts to explore and experience Nordisk.”


Global Marketing Manager, Else Sørup, echoes this sentiment, adding, "Our collaboration with K2 has brought a fresh perspective to our brand. The warm reception from Korean customers underscores the resonance of our products and design philosophy in this market."


Nordisk's ascent in South Korea reflects the brand's commitment to providing premium outdoor gear that seamlessly blends with lifestyle aspirations. The brand's journey, powered by collaboration, innovation, and the vision of individuals like Kyung Jin Song, sets the stage for further growth and impact in the Korean outdoor market.