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Crystal Down

= Responsible Superpowers


We develop equipment for expeditions exploring the coldest areas of the world and therefore, all our products are filled with Crystal Down® – a selection of the absolute finest and most voluminous European down. A single Crystal Down® has a huge diameter of up to 4 cm and white fluffy ”arms” to entrap air and ensure optimal insulation. It takes up to 1000 pieces of Crystal Down® to reach just 1 gram of filling.

Nothing beats Mother Nature.

Down is the greatest, lightest and most natural insulation material known to man. Keeping waterbirds warm all winter and still light enough to fly, down are complex structures with thousands and thousands of super-soft, keratin filaments that grow radially outwards from a tiny centre.

Not only will down insulation keep you warmer and lighter than any synthetic alternative, it also compresses much better, leaving you warm, with more space in your pack and feeling light enough to fly.

Crystal Down Dry

Natural down has a tendency to collapse when wet, which occasionally has left down fanatics frustrated (and cold) in humid conditions. But not anymore.

DWR (Durable Water Repellent) technology prevents down from absorbing water, thus eliminating the one disadvantage clinging to nature’s finest insulation material. We refer to these hydrophobic down as Crystal Down Dry®.

We originally introduced this innovative down in 2014 and now use Crystal Down Dry® in a wide range of products including the Arctic range of high-end sleeping bags and the entire range of down filled rain jackets, empowering polar adventurers and weekend outdoorers alike to take on any weather conditions.

The red Y is your guarantee that the down inside is always:

  • An upcycled residual product from food production
  • Certified by internal and international standards, such as the RDS, and the IDFL
  • From birds with unrestricted access to healthy food, water, shelter and light.
  • A European production
  • From a flock with restricted and monitored density
  • Handled and transported with care

Trace your Crystal Down®

Each product is marked with a special code that reveals the down quality and the origin of the down. The code is divided into sections that carry different meanings.

As an example, the code 800RP1PWKG955 divides into 800 | RP1 | PWKG | 95/5

800 is the fill power* – here 800+ cuin

RP1 means Region – Poland - Slaughterhouse no.1

PWKG is the bird code – here Polish White Gludzka Goose

955 is the down:feather mix ratio – here 95/5

* Fill power is also called loft and it is measured by laboratories under the supervision of the International Down and Feather Laboratory (IDFL) in Salt Lake City, USA.