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Brian Bojsen

What is your passion?

Outdoor cooking

"Brian lives and cooks the Wild Scandinavian Way – it’s all about Fire. It’s all about Style. It’s all about Nordic Cuisine."

A true Nordic adventurer

Brian Bojsen

With enormous respect for Nature and the elements, Brian Bojsen is a true Nordic adventurer. He is constantly exploring remote areas and uses the surroundings in his creative and dramatic take on outdoor cooking, fishing, hunting and sustainable thinking.

“The Crazy Dane”, as the Germans call him, used to earn his money as a surfer and photographer. He was always a traveler by heart and moved to the USA at an early age to pursue his dream of a career in surfing. But it was when he discovered his talent for cooking that his career really took off. After years of refining his style of raw and fresh Nordic cooking, and opening his own Surf’n’Turf restaurant in Hamburg, his charismatic nature earned him a role as expert judge in cooking shows on national TV in Germany.

From his base in Germany, he now travels the world to inspire us all to take a digital detox and question who we are, what we do, what we eat and how we live.

We love to be part of his adventures. To see the fire in his eyes when an idea strikes. We introduced him to the reborn Madam Blå enamel coffee pot – a 125 year old Danish design classic - and he rushed off to Iceland to brew coffee on a stream of burning lava! We showed him a cotton tent and our Torden wood burner and he drove off to Swedish Lapland, north of the arctic circle, to do ice fishing in the wilderness. Maybe we should see what would happen if we gave him a pair of down shoes and some carabiners to play with

Brian Bojsen - a Danish adventurer, TV chef, surfer, photographer and outdoor chef created a YouTube channel that’s all about nature and sustainability: WILD SCANDINAVIAN WAY by Brian Bojsen. Join in on Brian’s experience and learn from him how to hunt and cook in a fair and sustainable way. It’s about adventure. It’s about friendship. Cooking, fishing and hunting - NOW IT’S YOUR TURN!

Brian Bojsen

"Home is where I belong. I belong to the cold north and the warm south. I'm a traveller - an explorer. And I always come home."


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