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in a cotton tent

What is Glamping

Imagine being woken by bird song and rustling trees in the middle of fabulous nature but surrounded by the fabulous luxury of a hotel room. That is what glamping is all about. Spacious and light cotton tents filled with soft blankets and cushions and candlelit lanterns reflecting in a mirror on your nightstand. No sore back from that pinecone you didn't get rid of under your tent. You wake up in a real bed with soft sheets.

Your private luxury hotel with a million stars.

Glamping is a combination of glamorous and camping - it's about bringing the luxury of a hotel room into the wild and wonderful outdoors.
Glamping has become a big trend as more and more people embrace the outdoors as a real alternative to charter holidays. But how exactly do you go from camping to glamping?
At Nordisk we are experts in glamping, and here we share some of the best tricks for creating the ultimate luxury adventure - with your own unique style.

Comfortable and spacious

Choose the perfect tent

If you're serious about glamorizing your camp, you shouldn't worry about the outdoor enthusiast's eternal concerns like weight and pack size.
The core of a glamping camp is a comfortable, spacious and reliable tent!

Comfortable means you need to prioritise breathability, indoor climate and light. Just as you wouldn't choose a hotel room without air conditioning, don't choose a tent that can't breathe. And while polyester and nylon are reasonably breathable in their own right, they are often coated with silicones that reduce breathability. So choose a cotton or polycotton tent without a coating. Great first step!

Spacious means there should be room to live. Often a tent is just a place to store your luggage and stay the night. A glamping tent is much more - it should have space for socializing, relaxing and enjoying the outdoors. Think of it as your living room and prioritise space for standing, for sitting and for dancing.

Next step: Interior

Begin with the furniture

When you start decorating your glamping tent, imagine you're furnishing a one-bedroom apartment:

  • You'll need a place of sleep, so choose a folding bed if you're just setting up for a shorter period. Or move the entire bed outside if the tent will be in the garden all summer.
  • You need a good lounge chair so you can curl up and relax, or sit comfortably when you want to read a book.
  • Find small items of furniture to create a homely environment and get some storage space in the bargain too.

Find your glamping style

Afterwards, you need to consider the soft elements that tie the space together. Find a small carpet, some lovely plaids and pretty cushions. This is where you can really play with your personal style and put your touch on your glamping tent.

  • You might go for a bohemian look, with bold colours and patterns that give a very relaxed feel.
  • Your style might be better suited to Nordic minimalism, where you go for few things and more subdued colours, to find your inner peace.
  • You can also go for the real luxurious hotel vibe with slightly darker colours and materials like wood, velvet and brass.

Create Hygge

Add the final touches to create the right cosiness.
Different candles are a must have, especially when you get to the later evening hours and want to really spice up the cosy atmosphere.

  • String lights and lanterns inside the tent and outside are the easiest way to Hygge.
  • Picking some flowers from the nature and putting them in a vase also helps to add to the homely atmosphere.
  • Always bring a personal item as the finishing touch to creating a home away from home.

Last step


Now fill up your car. Bring absolutely everything you need. Glamping is not about surviving in the wilderness but about combining the luxury of a hotel holiday with adventures in nature.

Find a camping spot with the right mix of nature and modern necessities. Access to power and a wifi-connection is as essential as clean water, a shower and kitchen facilities. Take your time to set up the glamping camp. It is important that everything works and looks absolutely great.

When done lean back in your comfortable bed and enjoy the view of fabulous nature outside.