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Nordisk x YANWAI

Nordisk x YANWAI

Nordisk has been collaborating with the trendy Shanghai-based restaurant Yanwai, and it turned out to be a true lovestory for nature, food and Danish design. The idea was to bring the great outdoors inside and to showcase Danish design together with the amazing food. The collaboration was stretched over three projects, being the Yanwai POP-UP restaurant in Dali, the Yanwai Outdoor kitchen at the Gogogo Camping Event and last but not least the YANWAI ESCAPE project in Songyang.

YANWAI is an outdoor lifestyle-inspired modern eatery based in Shanghai, China. In 2022, They decided to turn their permanent restaurant into a movable feast, creating lovely food, great experiences and with a huge focus on local ingredients and culture of different places – Yanwai wanted to share their passion for the beautiful landscapes, mountains, wilderness, lakes, and sea with more people, and therefore curated and implemented exhibitions in the surrounding nature.

Yanwai has a great taste and vision for our collaboration. It is a perfect mix between Scandinavian style and Chinese local culture.

Yanwai POP-UP restaurant


Yanwai Outdoor kitchen


Yanwai Escape project


The Songyang country in Zhejiang Province was honored by National Geography as the last fairyland in Jiangnan. This is the most beautiful and iconic scenery and guests can enjoy hygge on the terrace, looking over the mountains in an altitude of 800 meters. The restaurant is located in the historiv Stray Birds hotel in Chenjiapu Village, and was a post station in the Ming dynasty. The ancient village with its distinctive architectural style owns spectacular natural scenery: layers of peaks and seas of clouds. 

ShaiQiu in Songyang
Each November, the traditional ShaiQiu (drying crops in the autumn sun) attracts travelers from all over the country - It’s a splendid cultural event.