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Outdoor by ISPO awards

Nordisk's Sol and Lodur Jackets Win Multiple Awards at Outdoor by ISPO Trade Show

Nordisk recently celebrated a momentous achievement at the esteemed Outdoor by ISPO trade show. The company's Sol and Lodur jackets emerged victorious, securing two ISPO Awards and the prestigious overall Scandinavian Outdoor Award. These accolades recognize the jackets' outstanding design, functionality, and performance.

The Sol and Lodur jackets are perfect examples of Nordisk's commitment to challenging the ordinary and create outstanding performance. A innovative ultrathin new membrane makes these hyperlight down jackets both extremely water repellant, windproof and breathable at the same time. The Sol jacket, designed for men, and the Lodur jacket, tailored for women, captivated both judges and attendees with their remarkable features. Weighing less than 300 grams, Sol and Lodur challenge the entire perception of weather protection and enter a league of their own in a game, where Nordisk already excel.

Additionally, Nordisk's innovative use of NFC technology garnered further recognition. The company received an additional ISPO award for its integration of NFC tags into its tents, providing customers with a tailored digital experience. This revolutionary technology allows users to access inspiring visuals, assembly instructions, informative videos, customer service support, and FAQs directly through their smartphones.

Nordisk's triumph at the Outdoor by ISPO trade show demonstrates its dedication to excellence and innovation. The company continues to push boundaries in creating exceptional outdoor gear that meets the evolving needs of adventurers worldwide.



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