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Chun Xue

What is your passion?

Wild Camping & Outdoor Photography

“I want to fulfill my childhood dream of being an explorer.”

Being an explorer

Chun Xue

“I fell in love with camping through a photo. In it, a tent was perched on a hillside, pierced by the setting sun. In that moment I knew that camping would become my passion.”

Chun Xue lives in Hangzhou, China — a bustling metropolis home to some 10 million residents. A professional photographer, Chun Xue finds solace and a sense of adventure camping out in the wild.

He has explored much of Chinese wilderness, photographing his journey.

One of his most profound experiences was the Lian SanHai in Chengdu — a mountainous region in Sichuan province, Western China. After, the grueling 11-hour hike to the summit, exhausted and experiencing altitude sickness, Chun Xue was rewarded with sweeping views of wild forests and mountains. He recalls the experience to be unforgettable.

Chun Xue

“I want to fulfill my childhood dream of being an explorer.”


Hike & bushcrafting


Chun Xue is a true adventurer. He most enjoys bushcraft, fashioning basic survival tools out of materials available nearby in the nature. He keeps to minimal equipment, bringing along his tent and basic gear.

“My Oppland tent is my trusted outdoor companion. It gives me a sense of security and comfort,” says Chun Xue.

Camping with kids

When he brings along his 11-year-old son, Chun Xue prioritizes safety over adventure. For a kid who’s just starting out, secure and reliable equipment is crucial. They tend to explore nearfield locations with good camping infrastructure.

The experience has been transformational for Chun Xue's son. He has learnt how to set up camping equipment, build up endurance, and feel comfortable in the great outdoors. Plus, he loves the social atmosphere at camping sites, meeting and chatting with fellow explorers.