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Et nyt kapitel

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Wild camping & outdoor photography

Et nyt kapitel (a new chapter)

Jørne & Kristine Gry

Outdoor and adventure couple Jørne and Kristine are living the life of true travelers. Adding new chapters to their travel journal as much as possible. They have adapted their everyday life in such a way, that travels and ‘Friluftsliv’ are an important part of life. The wonderful and mystical Danish nature quickly fell into interest - so in between each trip abroad, they explored the Danish countryside through hiking and wild camping. In this way, the outdoors became a huge part of their adventures. The passion for outdoor photography grew as new chapters was added to the journal. Now, they document their adventures so others can follow. And they have only just started…

Trust us. If you follow ‘Et Nyt Kapitel’ you will soon catch yourself planning your own next outdoor adventure. Be inspired and prepare yourself for the next chapter in your life!

Et nyt kapitel

“A new adventure to explore means a new chapter in our life”


Motor biking and wild camping


Wild camping in Thy National park


Bornholm - "sunshine island"