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What is your passion?


Joséphine Jammaers

Joséphine is an outdoor psychologist and co-owner of REWILD, Belgium's outdoor booking platform. 

Since Belgium lacks mountains, you'll often find her abroad, deep in nature.

Wild camping and trekking are not unfamiliar to her:
She lived almost 2 years outdoors during her world trip on foot, by bike, hitchhiking, sailing, and on horseback. 
During 3 months, she traveled with her partner and 3 stallions through Kyrgyzstan. 
Her most recent adventure? The Gaucho Derby in Argentina:

The toughest ultra-endurance horse race in the world. 500km through the wilderness of Patagonia. 45 internationally renowned riders. Max 10kg, saddlebags included. Navigation and camping in the wild. She was a rookie in competition experience, but made up for it by her enthusiasm and resilience in the mountains. She made it to the top 10 and received the Spirit Award: the jury award for the person who was best able to deal with all aspects of the adventure and who kept the spirits high in all circumstances.

Joséphine Jammaers

"Get outside!"

Horseback & wilderness

“The mind-bending terrain in Patagonia makes this a race quite unlike anything else on the planet.
It won’t just test the rider’s skill on a horse, but push him to the limit of his navigation skills, his ability to handle the wilderness and his physical endurance.
This is the greatest test of horsemanship and wilderness skills on earth.”

Her next adventure?

Bringing adventures to your doorstep!

"With REWILD, we want to inspire people to spend more time outdoors. As a psychologist and experienced adventurer, we know how important this is for our wellbeing. That's why we gather all outdoor activities. We give people an overview of the possibilities and make the step outside smaller. In a few clicks, your next outdoor adventure is booked.

See you where the wild things are!