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Trekking & Wild Camping


Franziska & Felix

For as long as she can remember, Franziska has been drawn to the outdoors. As a little girl, she loved to be out in the field behind the house, helping earthworms across the street and borrowing her parents' digital camera to take pictures of the sunset, animals and the meadows when they started blooming in spring. Instead of doing homework, she secretly watched Terra X and animal documentaries.

She still remembers her thirst for adventure from back then. Her 18th birthday was the ultimate starting point for her: As soon as she was allowed to make decisions on her very own, she took off on her first big adventure: she travelled through the Sahara desert together with Beduins. For ten days she walked the endless sands and slept under the stars.

Somewhere in the dunes, she lost her heart to our beautiful planet.

After that, it didn't take long before she met Felix. Their first journey together into the Moroccan desert was the start of a life full of adventures together. One of their biggest ones so far was a multi-weeks-trekking through the most sparsely populated country in the world: Mongolia.

Although they clearly felt their limits, this adventure was their promise to always and everywhere get as close to nature as possible. They are looking for wild corners. Forgotten regions off the beaten track.
Within the past years this, for example, has led to crossing the Icelandic highlands by bike, camping in Kaukasus Mountains and trekking in the African bush. About all these adventures Franziska writes in books and on her blog. Felix captures them with the camera.


Somewhere in the dunes, she lost her heart to our beautiful planet.


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