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Nordisk Village


Nordisk Village Jura

Our Nordisk Village is a real homely place; hidden within the woodland around the Maly Dolomity, a family run climbing center and shop. Each tent has a ton of space and is each nestled deeply in the forest, all interconnected by a woodland path.

This is a real climbing community, a perfect place to escape from the crowds and to feel the strong sense of wellbeing that our owners want to create. The activity in the Jura is centered around the Eagle’s nest trail, a 163km route connecting Kraków, Poland’s Historic Capital, to Częstochowa via hundreds of hiking trails and many spectacular climbing rocks, crags and castles; here there is no end to the outdoor opportunities available to you. Known as ‘Orle Gniazda’ (Eagles’ Nests), the castles have become part of the rock formation and, totaling 25 across the Jura, the majority of these picturesque medieval strongholds date back as far as the 14th century.

Nordisk village jura