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Price list

Wash service

Wash service

25,00 €

Wash service BASIC
Sleeping bags (weight up to 1600 g)

40,00 €

Wash service PLUS
Sleeping bags (weight higher than 1600 g)

55,00 €

Wash service and down filling

Wash service with 100g down, 600 cuin
Sleeping bag wash including down refill
- up to 100 g Crystal Down®90/10 600+ cuin (RDS)

60,00 €

Wash service with 100g down, 700 cuin
Sleeping bag wash including down refill
- up to 100 g Crystal Down®Dry 90/10 700+ cuin (RDS WR)

70,00 €

Wash service with 100g down, 800 cuin
Sleeping bag wash including down refill
- up to 100 g Crystal Down® 95/5 800+ cuin (RDS)

80,00 €

Repair & Exchange

Repair Service S
(e.g. seam closing, press button attaching, drawcord replacement,…)

25,00 €

Repair Service M
(e.g. zipper replacement on non down products, pole repair,
cut and tearholes on non waterproof products)

40,00 €

Repair Service L
(e.g. chamber exchange on down products, multiple
or large fabric damages on non-down products,...)

50,00 €

Repair Service XL
(zipper replacement on down products, tent bottom replacement,...)

60,00 €

Extra down filling

Down, 600 cuin
100g, 90/10 Crystal Down®, 600 cuin (RDS)

30,00 €

Down, 700 cuin
100g, 90/10 Crystal Down® Dry, 700 cuin (RDS WR)

45,00 €

Down, 800 cuin
100g, 95/5 Crystal Down®, 800 cuin (RDS)

60,00 €

Special service

Chimney exit to cotton tent
Sewing of Torden chimney exit to cotton tent (exit/tent NOT incl.)

260,00 €

Please note

  • Our general terms and conditions apply. Our Care & Repair service only applies to countries within the EU.
  • Material costs are included in the service prices. A return shipping fee of 16,00 incl. VAT is added.
  • For hygienic reasons we only offer repairs and additional down filling on clean items or in combination with a wash service.
  • We reserve the right to check and evaluate all items upon arrival and may adjust the service category after examination.
  • The average processing time for a service is about 2-3 weeks, depending on season and busyness.

Send your item and service form to:

Nordisk Freizeit GmbH
Care & Repair
Rauschwalder Str. 42/43
DE-02826 Görlitz