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Nordisk AdventureRun
Mols Bjerge

Nordisk AdventureRun Mols Bjerge in Denmark


Nordisk AdventureRun Mols Bjerge - NAMB - is a two days team race in the unique nature of Mols Bjerge (Mols mountains) and the surrounding area. It is orientation by map and compass. Away from the trails and into the wild nature of one of Denmark's most spectacular regions.

NAMB is for those seeking the best of orienteering, adventure running and trail running in a unique combination. You will pass through everything from open meadows with long running passages, to steep climbs and winding posts. Along the water on the beach and deep into the valleys and hills of the mountains. At NAMB you experience a part of Denmark that is not seen anywhere else in the country - forest, beach, water, deep valleys, high hills and magnificent views.

On distances over two days there will be overnight stays in a Night Camp with lots of cosiness, chatting by the fire and telling good stories from the day gone by.

The race is early in the year and the weather plays a role. Participants will be challenged - both on wind and water, but also on orienteering skills.



This is the NAMB

Mols mountains, Denmark

40-80 km


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