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Lightweight tents for active adventures in nature

When you carry your tent on your back, two things matter: Weight and size. Lightweight tents are ideal for all outdoor situations, no matter if you run, hike or bike. Discover some of the best lightweight tents, here, light enough to carry but sturdy enough to keep you dry and sage.

8 Products - Ultralight tents


This category contains all our lightweight tents. Lighter than our regular tents, these models are better designed for runners og hikers needing to shed excess weight from their backpacks.

Buying guide for lightweight tents

Unsure which lightweight tent is right for you? This short buying guide will tell you!

  • How light should it be? Choosing a ULW model the poles are made of carbon to reduce weight.
  • How many people can fit in the tent? Lightweight tents are often designed to be smaller, to shed weight. Choosing a tent with two doors will offer the possibility to have a small tent, but both will have easy access.
  • Do you need space for your backpack? Choosing a two man tent instead of a one man, will give you some space for your belongings. 


Why Buy Lightweight Tents from Nordisk?

We know that our selection of lightweight tents are the best of the best because we have tested them and hand selected only the top ones to offer you. Buying from Nordisk is a sign of quality, durability and excellent design.

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Still feeling lost? At Nordisk, we have over 100 years of experience choosing tents. We only stock the best quality tents available and can help you choose the best for you. Read the full guide to choosing a tent.