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Halland 2 PU (2.0) tent 2 person Dark Olive

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The Halland 2 PU is our go-to sanctuary in the wild; striking the perfect balance between a comfortable cabin size, a spacious apsis for all you...

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  • Very easy to pitch
  • Pole socks and pole shoes
  • Aerodynamic tunnel construction
  • Outer tent can be used as a stand alone
  • Easy and functional two pole architecture
  • Quick and easy attachment of inner tent

The Ideal Third Wheel…


The Halland 2 PU is our go-to sanctuary in the wild; striking the perfect balance between a comfortable cabin size, a spacious apsis for all your gear and culinary activities, but still with a weight and pack size that’s tailored for your trek, cycle, or paddle journey.

In short: spacious yet compact, sturdy yet lightweight - the perfect extra companion, that no duo should be without.

Halland has always been about intelligent design. The outer-first pitching is a standout feature, allowing you to swiftly create a dry shelter, effectively keeping your inner tent and gear protected in the rain. This well-established attribute provides peace of mind, ensuring you can set up your living quarters with ease, regardless of the weather's whims.

The heavily upgraded 2024 model builds on the legacy of its predecessor, adding a range of new features to make it an absolute favorite choice. With a revamped door that rolls away for a breathtaking 180-degree view, your connection to nature is unobstructed, and the sense of openness is unparalleled. The new pole sleeve and -sock system simplifies setup drastically and allows one person to pitch it from one side in a fraction of the time. We have also re-engineered the connection components between cabin and flysheet to improve tension, lighten your load and simplify repairs on the go. The new articulated flysheet cut amplifies ground ventilation, ensuring the interior remains a haven of comfort.

The Trekker's Choice for Uncompromised Adventure

Every detail of the Halland 2 PU is meticulously crafted to support the spirited adventurer:

- Effortless, one-person setup with pole shoes and socks for fast pitching.

- Aerodynamic tunnel construction that braves the elements with grace.

- Standalone outer tent capability for minimalist excursions.

- Spacious porch area for equipment and culinary freedom.

- High sit-up height and generous inner cabin space, complete with organizational pockets.

- Multiple ventilation points to customize airflow and reduce condensation.

- Spare pole set and tailored footprint available

In the realm of two-person tents, the Halland 2 PU stands as a beacon of reliability. Its blend of traditional robustness with contemporary enhancements encapsulates what it means to explore without boundaries.

The Halland is a canvas for new memories. Go explore. Go enjoy.



FlysheetLength: 350 cm
Width: 150 cm
Height: 110 cm

Inner tentLength: 220 cm
Width: 130 cm
Height: 100 cm


Official Weight2770 g

Total Weight2950 g


CoatingPU Coating

ColourDark Olive

Composition100% Polyester

ConstructionRip Stop


Hydrostatic Head3000 mm

Yarn Thickness68D


Composition100% Polyester


TypeInner tent


Composition100% Polyester

TypeGround sheet

Hydrostatic Head8000 mm

Accessories included

Guy LineGuy rope, 2.5 mm polyester

Number of Guy Lines7

Number of Pegs16

Peg TypesPegs, Alu square skewer

Number of Poles2

Pole TypePoles, 9.5 mm Aluminium

Pack size

Diameter15 cm

Length50 cm


Tent ConstructionDouble wall

PitchingOuter pitched

Tent Type2 person tent



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